NoiseMiner Corporate

Is a corporate video production company built on decades of experience.
We bring our skillset, experience and vision to each project bringing your communication to the people you want to touch.


Pre- Production

Planning, scripting and budgeting is the backbone of any production. Our producers are some of the best in the field with experience in working with some of the biggest media corporations in the world



We have the crew and the production teams that will bring your vision to life. We have hand picked our crew from lighting to camera. People that bring a creativity and passion to what they do.


Post Production

Our post production team have all worked in media for decades in the fields of Film, broadcast, digital and audio media. A dedicated team that will bring your production to the next dimension.



We make videos that bring our clients vision to the message they want to convey. Broadcast, social or cinema we shoot for all platforms,



The biggest growing area of media production on the planet. We develop your podcast for the audience you want to reach.


Social Media

As part of the post process we will bring your communications to the social platform with deliverables for each requirement.

The reason for being.

The heart of your communication is to make people aware. These communications can be used for Television & Radio broadcast and also across social media platforms. We are keen that your concept is clearly communicated, creatively and collaboratively. The main challenge is to deliver a concise clear message within specific timeframe and budget, expanding the audience awareness and understanding for the identified demographic. Your communication will introduce the audience to your website and gain more in depth knowledge, that they may not have been aware of before seeing or hearing your content.