Voice Work


Keith Alexander

I have been working in the areas of TV, radio, film and game for decades. I am a highly regarded media professional and educator. You can also see me presenting the popular series "Perfecting Audio" on Adorama TV, which I also write.

I am also a voice director for animation and game.



Here are some sample of my voice work in Broadcast, film , game and online work. I have my own private post production recording facility and video editing suite where I record, edit and deliver my voice overs. There are facilities for anyone to join me, remotely, in the studio.'

What people are saying...


  • “one of the most beautiful voices on YouTube”- Marc
  • “Best accent on YouTube”- Jon minott
  • “your voice is magical”- Faizan Gul, filmmaker
  • “Best voice on Adorama's channel”- Mark Tom
  • “Dear God, your voice! Nothing I record is ever going to sound good enough”- Gaurav Areng Chakraverti
  • “Now go rescue your daughter with a particular set of skills”- Jonathan Arevalo
  • NoiseMiner

  • "I’m sorry but ain’t no one gonna talk about how soothing his voice is?”- Will.I.AM
  • “Your voice is smooth as hell.”- THE RCWR SHOW
  • “love the mellow voice”- nick small
  • “I think you could hypnotize me with your voice. If all video people spoke as clear as you, We'd all be super learners"- Joyce Milchip
  • “Zombie voice”- Dhanushka Gayashan films