Keith Alexander
  • Keith has been working in the areas of TV, radio, film and broadcast for 25 years.
  • He is a highly regarded media professional and educator.
  • He write's and present's the popular series "Perfecting Audio" on Adorama TV.
  • He has his own recording facilities and is available to 'record over the line'.
  • He is a voice director for film and game.


Keith Alexander


  1. The global promo for the launch of Nuendo 10 by Steinberg
  2. An excert from the show "Perfecting Audio"
  3. Cinema trailer- "The Cheese Race"
  4. Irish Health Service information film
  5. Character lines form the mobile game "Murder in the Alps"
  6. Cinema trailer- "The Snow Machine"
  7. A reading of the poem "Summer Breeze"


Keith Alexander
  • “Keith Alexander, one of the most beautiful voices on YouTube”- Marc
  • “Best accent on YouTube”- Jon minott
  • “your voice is magical”- Faizan Gul, filmmaker
  • “Zombie voice”- Dhanushka Gayashan films
  • “Best voice on Adorama's channel”- Mark Tom
  • “Dear God, your voice! Nothing I record is ever going to sound good enough”- Gaurav Areng Chakraverti
  • "I’m sorry but ain’t no one gonna talk about how soothing his voice is?”- Will.I.AM
  • "We love Keith’s voice”- Adorama
  • “Your voice is smooth as hell.”- THE RCWR SHOW
  • “love the mellow voice”- nick small
  • “If his mixing career falls on hard times he could always do adverts”- Allen
  • “Now go rescue your daughter with a particular set of skills”- Jonathan Arevalo