Stereo to Surround Conversion


Stereo to Surround Conversion

NoiseMiner is at the forefront of stereo sound to surround sound conversion, delivering unparalleled quality and precision. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your stereo content is seamlessly transformed into a captivating surround experience, meeting the highest industry standards. Whether you require conversion for digital cinema prints, TV broadcasts, or cinematic releases, our expertise guarantees exceptional results.

With our advanced algorithms, we excel in TV stereo to surround up-mixing, creating a hard center channel that enhances dialogue clarity and localisation. By repurposing original stereo tracks, we enable a cinematic release without compromising the integrity of the audio. Furthermore, our services extend to TV archive enhancement, providing a 5.1 broadcast experience that revitalizes and revitalizes the richness of historical content.

We go beyond simple up-mixing by intelligently expanding and extending the original stereo panoramas and atmospheres, seamlessly integrating additional channels to create a truly immersive surround sound environment. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each element of the audio is precisely positioned, resulting in a natural and captivating auditory experience.

Choose NoiseMiner for a comprehensive stereo to surround sound conversion that brings your audio to life. Our dedication to excellence guarantees that your content will shine in the world of digital cinema, TV broadcasts, and cinematic releases, leaving your audience mesmerised by the immersive audio experience we deliver.