Audio Post Production


What We Do

Audio Post Production for Broadcast and film. From our audio post production studio, We...

  • record voice remotely from anywhere on the planet.
  • design fantastic soundscapes.
  • edit and mix shows for TV and radio.
  • design bespoke sound effect's for your project with the most advanced sound recording equipment and the latest Digital Audio Workstations.
  • perform audio clean up for editor's.
  • Send us your project via secure FTP or online delivery.


    Who We Are

    We are the ones with the experience and knowledge to bring any project from concept to final master.

  • Decades of practical audio post production experience in the areas of film, television, game, radio and dubbing.
  • Expert users of Avid and Steinberg systems and all associated hardware.
  • Not only do We have extensive knowledge of all professional audio post production platforms but We also use video editing platforms such as Avid Media composer, BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premier all part of the online recording studio



    The Studio

    Our recording studio has been developed over many years, in consultation with manufacturers and industry heavyweights. Designed and built to the highest standard and specification. One of the most advanced digital recording studio's in Ireland.


    Editing and mixing

    Deliver your project for editing or mixing via online delivery. We will edit and mix your project at the highest international standards with the most advanced technology available to the sector.


    Sound Design

    Creating fantastic soundscapes for animation and film is something We have done for decades. Using the latest technology available. We also record and design bespoke sound effects, from stereo recordings for broadcast to Dolby Atmos for film.


    Audio Cleanup

    Wind noise on your sound or other problems? Picture editors or content creators send us your audio with problems such as wind noise or distortion. It will be cleaned with the most advanced forensic software on the planet. We will deliver it back nice and clean to allow you to finish your project.

    Just some of the projects that We have worked on.